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Easy to choose.

Avent makes it easy for you to breastfeed, bottle feed or combine the two. The Avent Natural Feeding System gives you the flexibility and efficiency you need to choose what feels right for you and your baby from birth and beyond.

Easy to use.

Avent is the only feeding system that is clinically proven and doctor recommended. From the beginning, using the Avent Natural Feeding System is easy and convenient. Avent makes it easy to transition effortlessly into new stages of your baby's development.

Easy to fit with the life you lead.

At home or on the go, Avent fits naturally into your busy life by giving you everyday conveniences you need to make the best feeding choices, every step of the way. So enjoy each moment, and be prepared for the next with Avent.


How do I care for my Avent products?
Answer: Follow these tips to ensure the proper care and long life of your products:
  • Wash and sterilize your products before use. Products can be sterilized by either boiling them for ten minutes in distilled water or by using the Avent Express Electric or Express Microwave Steam Sterilizers. (You should discuss continued sterilization with your child's pediatrician or primary health care provider.)

  • Place non-electric products on the top rack when dishwashing. All non-electric parts of the integrated Avent Feeding System are dishwasher-safe. Secure the smaller pieces so they do not fall to the bottom of the dishwasher. You can also use the rack from our Express Electric Steam Sterilizer to hold smaller pieces.

  • Wash all products with a mild soap. Avoid antibacterial soaps and harsh cleaners that can affect the silicone in the products and cause the plastic to become brittle.

  • Wash nipples using only your fingers and warm, soapy water. Avoid washcloths, sponges, bottle and nipple brushes that may tear the silicone.

  • Replace the nipples every three months.

Can Avent products be boiled?

Answer: Yes. All non-electric parts of the Avent Natural Feeding System are designed to withstand sterilization by regular boiling at five- to ten-minute intervals. Please ensure that the pieces do not rest on the bottom or sides of a metal pan as they may melt.

Do Avent products contain PVC?

Answer:No.The Avent Feeding System does not contain any phthalates, used in poly-vinyl chloride (PVC).

How can I request a brochure?

Answer: The Avent Product brochure is available online as a PDF download. You can also download the Avent Bottle brochure, the Isis Breast Pump brochure, and the Breastfeeding Guide.

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