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Avent also offers this conventional Nurser that uses pre-sterilized, disposable liners and features a natural shape nipple, so you can alternate between breastfeeding and bottle feeding. When fully assembled with the plastic holder and the nipple, the airtight liner contracts as your baby drinks, reducing air ingestion and preventing painful gas. The convertible base of the holder the accommodates 4-oz. or 8-oz. feedings.



       8oz Disposable Bottle       Quantity: 1/Pack         Suggested Retail Price: $10.99

       100 ct Disposable Liners    Quantity: 1/Pack         Suggested Retail Price: $6.99


Description: Disposable N/S/M/F Nipple

use only the blue-tinted Avent nipples for the Nurser. The clear Avent Anti-Colic Nipple should be used with the Avent Natural Feeding Bottle and the VIA™ Nurser.

        Quantity: 2/Pack         Suggested Retail Price: $6.99


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