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Diapers Introduction

Diapers have breathable cover which lets air in for added drying. Inside layers are highly absorbent to keep babies comfortable and dry. Leak guards and elastic waistband help prevent leakage. The adjustable Velcro tape makes for a comfortable custom fit.

This kind of baby diaper has the following features,

1: Cottony Non-woven film, natural soft and breathable. makes baby more comfortable.

2:Refastening taps, make diaper replacement easier

3:Breathable Cover, evacuates moisture and heatness, helps effectively avoid diaper measles.

4:Fluff pulp Core with SAP, absorbs fluid instantly, makes baby dry and fresh

5:Elastic waistband and standing inner Leak Guide efficiently prevent side leakage.

6:Absorbent Core in aliform shape fits for baby’s physiological structure.

7:Wetness indicator. reminds mother to replace diaper in time.


For successful cloth diapering it is essential to have a diaper absorbent enough to hold the amount of urine your baby puts out. In this regard not all babies are created equally. The key is to provide enough fabric to absorb baby’s output without creating too much bulk for comfort. This is where absorbent liners and doublers come in handy at night for most babies and anytime for “heavy-wetters.”


Allowing air to circulate inside the diaper keeps your baby’s bottom cooler. This is more comfortable and helps prevent the growth of undesirable bacteria which can cause diaper rash. Cotton diapers are breathable!


To keep clothing and bedding dry, a waterproof covering is necessary. Our All-in-One styles include the waterproof covering sewn into the diaper. Fitted and prefold diapers require a separate cover.

Diaper Covers–

There are two basic types of covers.

Pull-on Coverpants: Waterproof pant-style covers that pull on over pinned or fitted diapers; commonly referred to as “pull-ons.”

Wrap-Covers: Wrap-style covers that can wrap around a prefold or fitted diaper and fasten at the waist with either hook-&-loop closures or snaps. These are commonly referred to as “wraps” or “covers.”

Diaper Liners–

Liners can be very useful in messy clean-ups. There are two types generally available–washable or disposable. These are laid inside, and cover a large portion of the diaper, which means less rinsing of the actual diaper is needed.

Diapering Options

Cloth diapering has changed in the past 30 years–MORE OPTIONS! No longer is there just one option of flat white diapers folded, pinned, then covered with plastic or rubber pants. With today’s options, you can get as basic or creative as your budget and imagination allow. Print fabrics and colors can make diapering a little more fun. If your choice is more traditional, we also offer white.

Cloth diapers are available in five basic types.

Flat–Square or rectangular pieces of fabric which must be custom folded and secured with diaper pins or clips.

Prefolds–Rectangular-shaped diapers which have multiple layers of absorbent material in the center. Many diaper services use this type of diaper; commonly referred to as “prefolds.” Prefolds can be secured with pins or clips, or wrap-style covers which hold the diapers in place secured by hook-&-loop (velcro-like) fasteners or snaps.

Contour–Hour-glass or T-shaped diapers fit compactly into wrap-covers. Sometimes referred to as “shaped diapers,” contour diapers usually have a center layer of absorbent material.

Fitted– “Baby shaped” diapers include a center layer of absorbent material, securely fasten at the waist, and have elastic at the legs. Fitted diapers are sometimes referred to as “velcro diapers” or “snap diapers,” depending on which type of fasteners are used.

All-in-Ones– “All-in-Ones” are diapers which contain the diaper fabric, an absorbent center layer, and waterproof covering all in one piece. They are much like disposables yet are washable and reusable. These fasten most commonly with hook-&-loop closures (sometimes snaps) and have elastic at the legs.

Cloth diapering can be an enjoyable experience for you and a healthy choice for your baby. With quality diapering products and information on the basics, we can each do our part to preserve our environment and provide a better future for our children.

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